Apolo Air Boss Barracuda Copper
cal. 4,5 mm (500 pcs)

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Air Boss Barracuda Copper .177, selected (Selected One by One) premium and copper-plated bullets with a round head (Round type) from the Argentinean company Apolo in 4.5 mm caliber. Very fast, designed for Field Target, HFT (provides excellent focus) and vermin hunting (high stopping power). An ideal devastating target shot designed for air spring and PCP rifles.

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The features that distinguish the Air Boss Barracuda Copper pellet series (High-end range) are the high quality and precision of workmanship, as well as the perfect balance. They contribute to greater accuracy when shooting at long distances. Accuracy is the result of a flat flight path and shallow draft at long ranges, which the ammunition owes to a rounded head (Round type), which reduces air resistance. The airfoil provides high impact strength (stopping force factor) and penetrating power. Bullets are characterized by a stable flight path even with gusts of wind. Smooth glass without knurling.
Copper coating – facilitates the movement of the bullet inside the barrel and thus provides higher speed and accuracy than traditional lead bullets. Made of low lead alloy, leaves minimal residue in the barrel. Polished and hardened with copper coating (no contact with lead) 20% stronger than similar lead pellets made from lead only.

  • .177 caliber (4.5 mm)
  • 500 pellets
  • Made in Argentina

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.177 (4.5 mm)

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10.80gr/ 0.70g

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