Apolo Arrow Copper
cal. 5,5 mm (250 pcs)

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Apolo Arrow Copper – medium weight Hunter-type copper bullets in 5.5 mm caliber. Individually selected, by the piece (Selected One by One) premium high-class ammunition from the Argentinean company Apolo.

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Pellets with increased penetrating power are characterized by an innovative design that combines a pointed tip (lead) and a hollow lead shell (concave) in one pool. It provides a large repulsive force, an ideal destructive shot to hit targets for users who are looking for bullets for powerful pneumatic winds (FAC without energy limit).
The airfoil provides high impact strength (stopping force factor) and penetrating power. Bullets are characterized by a stable flight path even with gusts of wind. Smooth glass without knurling.
Copper plating – facilitates the movement of the bullet inside the barrel and thus provides higher speed and accuracy than traditional lead shot. Made of low lead alloy, leaves minimal residue in the barrel. Polished and hardened with copper coating (no contact with lead) 20% stronger than similar lead pellets made from lead only.

  • .22 caliber (5.5 mm)
  • 250 pellets

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Weight 0.262 kg



.22 (5.5 mm)

Weight per piece

16.20gr/ 1.05g

Ammo Type


Ammo Shape

Hollow, Pointed

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Copper lead