Borner Hollow Point
cal. 4,5 mm (250 pcs)

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Pneumatic bullets Borner Hollow Point are made of high-quality metal on high-precision equipment. Their shape is great for shooting from any kind of air, and the aerodynamic properties keep your shots accurate and allow you to confidently hit targets.

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Designed for rifled pneumatic weapons and suitable for recreational shooting. Borner pneumatic bullets are among the best, as they use the most modern technologies for their production. They provide excellent shooting accuracy and do not require zeroing in for each new pack. These are pointed bullets that provide a significant depth of penetration into the target. Also, due to their shape, they have excellent aerodynamics and provide a good, smooth flight.

  • .177 caliber (4.5 mm)
  • 250 pellets

Additional information

Weight 0.145 kg



.177 (4.5 mm)

Weight per piece

8.95gr/ 0.58g

Ammo Type


Ammo Shape

Round head, smooth

Quantity per pack


Suggested for

Fun, Hunting