Defence Spray “AntiDog” Sword 65 ml

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Defence spray “AntiDog” Sword, 65 ml is a special product against aggressive dogs and other animals.

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This defensive spray is highly effective against aggressive animals. The Flip Top nozzle prevents accidental discharges. The 65 ml bottle has a height of 98 mm and weighs 80 g. You can have this model with you at all times thanks to its compact size. The spray has a maximum effective range of 2 m. You should always make sure that you are not standing against the wind when using this spray because the chemical compound reacts immediately and could potentially harm you as well. Keep it out of the reach of children and temperatures ranging over 50°C.

  • Spray type: Jet
  • Compact size
  • Height: 98 mm
  • Volume: 65 ml
  • Flip Top nozzle

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