Kvintor Drotik
cal. 4,5 mm (10 pcs)

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Kvintor Drotik is an elongated plastic bullet with a sharp metal tip (may be brass or steel). They are designed for airguns loaded into the barrel directly from the breech, “breaking” type, or having a long drum.

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Bullets “Drotik” can be used repeatedly when shooting at a special target, and are also made of rubberized materials (conveyor belt). The presence of double obturator rings in the head and tail parts of the bullet prevents contact of the metal core with the barrel.
Bullets “Drotik” are intended for entertaining (prize) shooting, they have brightly colored tail parts of different colors, which allows several shooters to shoot at one target at the same time.

  • .177 caliber (4.5 mm)
  • 10 pellets

Additional information

Weight 0.0063 kg



.177 (4.5 mm)

Weight per piece

9.72gr/ 0.63g

Ammo Type



27 mm

Quantity per pack


Suggested for

Fun, Training