Kvintor Alfa
cal. 4,5 mm (150 pcs)

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The Alpha are target (match) bullets designed for shooting at paper targets. Due to the flat shape of the head of the bullet, round holes with smooth edges remain in the target, which makes it possible to more accurately calculate the result of shooting.

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Bullet “Alpha” has a unique structure that differs from all known bullets of this class: a thin obturating belt of the head part enters the rifling of the barrel of the weapon, and a thin-walled skirt of the rear part reduces friction and increases stabilization when the bullet moves in the barrel. This structure gives the bullet a good initial acceleration and increases the accuracy rate.
The unique structure of the Alpha bullet allows it to be loaded backwards: at short distances, such a bullet has a maximum expansion effect, turning the bullet inside out and transferring 100% of its energy to the target. Of course, the aerodynamic qualities of the bullet with this method of firing are significantly reduced.

  • .177 caliber (4.5 mm)
  • 150 pellets

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Weight 0.075 kg



.177 (4.5 mm)

Weight per piece

7.71gr/ 0.50g

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5.8 mm

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